A heart-space for music

In a comfortable space in central Copenhagen there is a space for music.

There is no comparing house concerts to any other live experience. The intimacy and presence of both performers and audience is amazing and intense. It breaks down the usual barriers between the artists and the audience - the audience is just as much part of what makes a house concert a special moment and as each group is different, so is the experience. I actually also really like if not everything goes completely smoothly and according to plan, if the musicians make a mistake or has to fiddle with an instrument. It allows you a brief glimpse into the process of music making.

Hosting house concerts makes that even more apparent. Making the arrangments and talking with the musicians before and after the concert is an amazing way to become involved in the process - music stops being a noun, an object to be consumed, and becomes a verb, something we do :-)

We have hosted quite a few concerts at this point and look forward to the next one...

Host Facilities (e.g. accommodation for a night, a piano etc.) : I have access to a small PA w. mic and stand

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