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Sternlumen is Thomas and a piano.

Behind the moniker Sternlumen we find the pianist and composer Thomas Kudela. Born in Germany, but now based in Copenhagen, Denmark from where he creates his ethereal and delicate solo piano pieces. According to Thomas he strives to create scores for short films existing only in his own mind. But without doubt the listener will find that the music evokes images in his or her mind as well with moods and sounds reminiscent of composers like Max Richter and Lubomyr Melnyk.

Sternlumen was born out of a long hiatus where Thomas did not touch the piano for seven years. After this long break he set out to rediscover the instrument. Consequently, this new experimental approach is reflected in the wide-open spaces of the music where the improvised and fragmentary tunes develop into hypnotic pieces drawing on minimalism and contemporary classical music as well as jazz, post rock and ambient music.

Having played several concerts in Denmark, Germany, New York and Iceland the last few years, Sternlumen released his eponymous debut album in 2016. His second album is ready to be released later this year and is called ‘Nørrebro Nights’, an homage to the vibrant neighbourhood he lives and thrives in. The music represents the culmination of feelings and moods like melancholia, exuberance and delight that fill the night until the break of dawn in Copenhagen’s multi cultural district Nørrebro.

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2016’s Best New Artists - Nicola Orlandino, Son Of Marketing

"Sternlumen seems to be making up for lost time, playing twice as many notes as one might expect, as if the time off had afforded him an extra allotment. More than anything, one can hear the joy in these notes, the return to a beloved artistic partner and the inspiration it provides. [...] this is a strong set" - Richard Allen, A Closer Listen Blog

"Drowned in a sea of drone-like piano sounds [...] Slightly bombastic but stunning and impressive. Six very beautiful compositions of a perfect pianist. [...] Listen to this man and his music!" 9/10 - William Liénard, Peek A Boo Magazine

"As he touches the keys it seems as though people, characters perhaps, are speaking to one another with tones instead of words. [...] With Sternlumen Thomas Kudela has made a brilliant return to form. He may have been away from the ivory’s for a bit but his chops are spot on. Sternlumen is a record that will shine with listeners for years to come." 3.9/5 - Jamie Robash, No More Division Blog

"Det er musik til storbynatten. Til den neonoplyste nat, hvor en sval brise sender ensomme sjæle afsted på drømmerejser. Det er så enkelt og ligetil, at jeg forbløffes over hvor meget Sternlumen egentlig siger med klaveret." - Niels Overgård,

"Det er ikke musik for fastholdere. Det er musik, der i sin natur overskrider grænser mellem genrer og stilarter i kraft af sit afsæt i det meditative, eksperimenterende og improviserende [...] Anbefales alle, der har behov for at høre noget andet end det kendte en gang imellem." - CAPAC Blog

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