Sam & Olivia

Olivia Rudeen and Samuel Lee are two American singer-songwriters from Nashville Tennessee.

Introspective yet inclusive, Samuel Lee and Olivia Rudeen put on a true Nashville-style show. These two artists, whose music has been featured on television, in film, on other artists' records, and which has amassed hundreds of thousands of plays on Spotify, have performed for audiences all over the US and are making their first foray overseas.

Sam & Olivia are singer/songwriters in the truest sense of the term, with influences ranging from 1970's California rock (The Eagles, Jackson Brown), to true blue soul (Otis Redding, Sam Cooke), to modern pop wordsmiths (John Mayer, Norah Jones) to Lilith Fair staples (Sheryl Crow, Brandi Carlile) to indie troubadors (Dawes, Ryan Adams), to Southern-fried songbirds (The Allman Brothers, Emmylou Harris) and neo-soul heroes (Adele, Allen Stone).

Sam & Olivia can perform with or without sound equipment as they will be traveling with acoustic guitars. They can either perform at the same time as a duo or separate sets as solo artists.

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