Natasja L

Natasja Lee Dickinson is a Danish/English singer and songwriter.

Her deep and insightful songs in english requires the audience to listen and be aware.

She is a good storyteller and have an excellent voice, and the audience will often get drawn into the mood of her melodious acoustic guitar playing.

Award winner

For the second year in a row, Natasja has won an award in Texas. 2015 she was nominated, and received an award with the title “Outstanding acoustic artist of the year”

2016 she won an award with the title “Songwriter of the year”

The repertoire is a mix of her own songs and some cover-songs, but with the majority being her own songs.

The songs mostly have a common theme, in that they tell a story of humans in different and often difficult life situations.

The music has roots in folk, country and a slight hint of pop, and is performed with intimacy, empathy and presence, in company with my guitar.


Some of her previously released songs have been played on national danish radio, and local community radios in Denmark, and has also received airplay on radio stations around the world, especially UK.

The song “Living on the street” has been song of the month on a Scottish radiostation.

Charity for the homeless

In Denmark she runs a charity with 2 major purposes.

The purpose of this project is to spread knowledge about homelessness and rootlessness in Denmark as well as everyday life on the street.

In addition, the aim is to raise financial support for the orginasition “Hus Forbi” (similar to Big Issue), thus making it possible for “Hus Forbi” to offer their streetpaper vendors healthy and regular meals.

The charity project has brought Natasja to Scotland, where she played 2. Oktober as a part of great nation-wide charity project at the venue in Edinburgh “The Electric Circus” as the only musicians from outside UK.

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