Isabelle D

Isabelle Denaro knew she wanted to be a singer since she was very young. Although her conservative family valued music very much, it had not ever considered a career as a singer a professional option. Hence, Isabelle, who was (and is!) a very curious soul and had 1000 other interests went other ways; she took a BA in Business and an MBA and worked in Finance, she became a company-owner in the Beauty & Wellness branch and studied everything from cosmetology, anatomy, kinesiology and yoga to be a good leader to her teams, and she took a Coaching certificate in Emotional Intelligence with special interest in talent, vocation and success. For many years, the only singing she really did was in the car, at her home or walking the dog. It was not until 2012 that she took her own coaching medicine and finally realized that singing was her true vocation. She began to write the songs for her album, recorded and produced them and finally released "From within & beyond" in March 2016.

Isabelle Denaro’s music has a film-like vibe, which by no means is casual! Her endless imagination and storytelling talent brought her into the Filmmaking business in 2005, and with her husband and partner she has written and produced a series of short films, besides a long list of other productions, amongst which are her own musical videos.

Her music is, in a sense, quite uncomplicated to listen to and invites you to lean back, close your eyes and let your mind wander. If you scratch a little however, and listen closely to the lyrics, beneath the polished surface lies a whole universe of melancholy and deep wounds and emotions. There is more to the music than what meets the eye (ear!). Which is exactly what characterizes Isabelle Denaro. There is a contrast in her songs between vulnerability and raw power, not only through the lyrics but also through her vocal performance. From soft and airy to powerful and far-reaching. She is not scared of expressing the big feelings and she does it with so much nerve and universality that you are drawn into her world via your own emotional chaos and memories. She knows who she is, she knows her inner contrasts, and she wants you to know who you are too.

Isabelle Denaro was born in Denmark but grew up in South America and the U.S. and spent most of her adult years in the south of Europe. She is fluent in numerous languages, and she has countless stories to tell you.

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