Emma Longard

Emma was born in the late 1980s in northern Germany, close to Denmark. While her childhood was filled with flower-fields, playgrounds and making waffles with mom, most of all she loved spending time with her grandpa’s musical instruments and the wondrous sounds they made. Soon her talent was discovered by her musical family and she started singing in the children’s choir at the local opera. At age 11, performing on stage became a part of her every-day-life, as was playing the violin in the school orchestra.

The emotion that comes along with puberty fueled creativity and Emma's first songs were written at the age of 16. The little daydreamer also wrote poems, tried her hand at painting and writing stories, but it always came back to the music. Her voice, clear as a diamond, gave her the self-esteem to express her inner feelings. The opera was switched for pop songs and the violin was put down for the piano. She began playing and singing along

to her favorite songs, including Mowtown Soul, Elton John, Radiohead. It was obvious, music was her calling.

In 2013 Emma released her EP called “ELLE," a five song offering featuring a snapshot of the work in progress, the sound of a traveller on the road. Emma describes songwriting as - "an ongoing journey towards yourself, you may never know when you’ve arrived.”

The style she discovered along the way, is best described with Emma’s newly found term “indie-soul” – individual soul music. In no way sentimental, but in every way touching.

Now it is Emma’s turn to show she’s grown into a strong and utterly honest woman. She released her debut album "A Million Pieces" in 2015. With Emma, it is purely about the music, no fuss, no getting naked to sell records, no muss. Just a pure and intimate connection between artist and listener.

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